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Need help with a course assignment  that requires technology? Tech tutors may be the solution you’ve been looking for.
Providing personalized training on Access, Photoshop, Excel, ANGEL, PowerPoint, Visio, Word, Acrobat, Indesign, Sites at Penn State, WikiSpaces, Prezi, and more. Tech Tutors offer face-to-face help that’s hard to beat!


Pollock 201 (Computer Lab) and the Search Bar located in Sidewater in the Pattee Library. World Campus students click here to find out how to access the Tech Tutors online!


Fall and Spring Semester Walk-in hours at University Park:
M – Th, 10am – 8:00pm EST;
F 10:00 – 6:00pm EST; or by appointment.
World Campus hours:
Sun & Wed, 6PM – 10pm EST.


The people in the purple shirts! We’re students like you who love technology and helping people – it doesn’t get better than that!


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